Chairman Message

Welcome to the Intermarket Group and our flagship Intermarket Securities Limited (IMS).

By way of background, our group has diversified interests in some of Pakistan’s most vibrant growth sectors including construction, information technology and external trade, where financial services remains our core focus and we have positioned ourselves to capitalize on the exciting times ahead!

Pakistan is at the beginning of a sustained uptick; GDP growth looks set to cross and sustain above the 5%+ mark over the medium-term, inflation is at all-time lows and interest rates are following suit. This is leading to a significant surge in business confidence and the Pakistan Equity Market is reflecting the same with the KSE-100 Index posting a 28% return CAGR across 2009-2014. But this is just the beginning – Pakistan remains an underpenetrated and oft misunderstood market – and exciting opportunities are available in multiple areas including online retail brokerage and investment banking, among others.

These avenues ultimately rest on underlying corporate profitability which has remained truly resilient in the face of multiple challenges

Long-term growth potential is immense – for instance an average household size in excess of 6 persons underlines the need for fast track construction activity while automobile penetration is at just 12 cars per 1000; swift growth can now be witnessed in these and many other areas with the macroeconomic environment on an upward trajectory.

Our team at IMS is geared to tap into these opportunities in brokerage and investment banking and, within this backdrop, we intend to partner with our clients by providing a first mover advantage to capitalize on investment opportunities underpinned by our top tier service. We are convinced that the Pakistan Equity Market provides superior returns to long-term investors and we intend to play our part in adding further breadth and depth to the market by servicing our clientele, both existing and new, and introducing new businesses to the benefits of listing.
We hope you are as excited as we are with the opportunities ahead. In this spirit, I welcome you to Intermarket Securities Limited and we hope to partner with you in capitalizing on investment opportunities ahead.

Azneem Bilwani