The New Era of Banking – Bringing You Closer to Your Homeland

Intermarket Securities Limited offers account opening for the Government of Pakistan’s digital initiative “Roshan Digital Account” to facilitate Non-Resident Pakistanis to open bank accounts digitally/online either in PKR or USD, residing across the world. Digital Account holders can now invest in Pakistan Stock Market through Central Depositary Company (CDC).

For the first time, Overseas Pakistanis will experience unparalleled convenience in sending money back home through a completely secure, simple and digitized process. Above all, this is your contribution to a progressive Pakistan.

Intermarket Securities Limited welcomes the Non-Resident Pakistanis to invest in the Pakistan Stock Exchange through CDC and the Roshan Digital Pakistan initiative.

Intermarket Securities Limited, TREC Holder of Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), is electronically linked up with the CDC Investor Account and its Direct Settlement Service (DSS) with its Digital Trading Solution, and is integrated with all the Banks offering the Roshan Digital Account.

Salient features of Roshan Digital Account (RDA)
  • It will allow NRPs to invest in Fixed Deposit Products and NAYA Pakistan Certificate.
  • It will enable NRP’s to invest in Pakistan’s Stock Market
  • Can invest in the Pakistani commercial and residential real estate.
  • Funds can be remitted back from Pakistan without any approval from banks or SBP
  • Shariah Compliant version of RDA to be available very soon
  • Resident Pakistanis who have declared assets abroad with FBR can also invest in US$ NPCs by opening an RDA in foreign currency by visiting
    a bank branch in Pakistan
  • It will be backed by debit and virtual debit cards for both domestic and overseas use.
  • NRPs can choose either foreign currency or rupee denominated account or both and it enable real time online conversion form foreign currency to Pakistani Rupee and vice versa.
Eligibility Criteria

Product will be offered to individuals above the age of 18, who are:

  • Non-Resident Pakistanis
  • Foreign Nationals having Pakistan Origin Card (POC);
  • Employees or officials of the Federal Government or a Provincial Government posted abroad
  • Resident individuals having declared their assets held abroad, as per wealth statement declared in the latest tax return with the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). (For FCY Roshan Digital account only)

Detailed process flows of trading by NRP using NRAR/FCA in Pakistan Stock Exchange

  • Non-Resident Pakistani can approach any of the online portals at the 8 designated banks
  • NRP submits details and soft copies of documents through portal (14 clicks & 6 documents)
  • On the basis of the information provided by NRP, designated bank will perform its own KYC and due diligence and confirm the status of account opening to the NRP in 48 hours.
  • After opening of the cash account, Bank will provide NRP the option of investing in the following asset classes:

In case NRP selects “Stocks” for the mode of investment, the Bank will: 

1. Ask the NRP to allow the bank to share his/her information and soft copies of documents with CDC and subsequently with other Stock market entities.
2. Show a new disclaimer to the NRP (covering terms & conditions of Custody and Trading Accounts) and will ask the NRP to accept the terms & conditions
3. Select a brokerage house (names of all brokerage houses having online trading facility and connected with DSS facility will be available in a drop down and will be provided by CDC to the bank).
4. If any additional information would be required, Banks will also obtain the same at this point (CDC to determine any additional information required or not).

  • Bank will transmit the aforementioned details and soft copies of documents of NRP along with IBAN to CDC (through API or other electronic mechanism).
  • CDC will send an email intimation to NRP of receiving the information from the Bank.
  • CDC will transmit the information and soft copies of documents to the respective brokerage house and to NCCPL for opening of UIN.
  • Brokerage house will perform their own due diligence and confirm to NRP and CDC regarding the opening of trading account.
  • Brokerage house will open the account on the basis of the information forwarded by CDC and respond back to NRP and CDC with status within 24 hours/ one business day. The information received from CDC will suffice all the information required by the Broker for opening of Trading account (including terns & conditions) and CDC will also confirm to Brokerage house that NRP has given his/her consent for opening of Trading account with the Broker. The confirmation from the Broker regarding the opening of Trading account will constitute as the acceptance of the offer of NRP and will complete the agreement between NRP and Broker.
  • In case there is no response from Broker within 24 hour/ one business day, CDC will contact the NRP/Broker and request for future course of action from him.
  • Broker (if deemed necessary by Broker) may request more documents from NRP directly, to perform Enhance Due Diligence (EDD) (if required).
  • Broker may take further confirmations from NRP directly like confirmation on fee structure, etc.), after opening of Trading account.
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