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What is IMTrade?

There are no registration or additional charges for using IMTrdae. However, standard transaction charges will be charge as per Intermarket Securities Ltd and regulators’ policy charges.

Why should I use IMTrade?

IMTrade enables you to fulfill your trading needs from the comfort of your home, office or even if you are travelling. All you need is a compatible mobile device, an internet connection and your IMTrdae login credentials.

Who is eligible to use IMTrade?

Every IMS Account holder is eligible to use IMTrade.

Are there any charges for using IMTrade?

There are no registration or additional charges for using IMTrdae. However, standard transaction charges will be charge as per Intermarket Securities Ltd and regulators’ policy charges.

Do all mobile operating systems support IMTrade?

Only devices running Android 5 / iOS 10 and above support IMTrade.

How can I navigate to the home screen if I am at another screen?

You can go to the home screen directly from anywhere in the application by pressing market watch button located on the top right side of the screen.

What should I do if I have a query which is not answered here?

Please call IMTrade Helpline at 0800-46700 or 111-467-000

What happens if I don’t log out from the application?

IMTrade has a time-out feature, if your mobile is left unused or locked, you will be required to re-enter your User ID and Password.

What if I forget my login password?

  1. Open IMTrade App.
  2. Click on Forget Password
  3. You will receive a new password on your registered email address provided at the time of account opening.
  4. Login using the new password

Can I use IMTrade from overseas?

IMTrade has a time-out feature, if your mobile is left unused or locked, you will be required to re-enter your User ID and Password.

When will the withdrawn amount be available in my trading account?

The funds will be available as per T+2 rule (Transaction plus 2 days) after the funds withdrawal request. In the event of the delay please call 0800-46700 for further assistance.

Is IMTrade safe to use?

Yes, IMTrdae provides a safe and secure way to trade. No information is stored on your mobile phone. Login ID and Password are never exposed even if your mobile phone is lost or stolen. All transactions are secure since no transaction proceeds without a 4 digit pin code.

What is fingerprint authentication?

IMTrade allows you to login using fingerprint(s) already registered in your device. Once you have enrolled for and enabled fingerprint authentication, you will not be required to enter username and password every time you login to IMTrade. However, you will be required to enter your pin code for all transactions made from IMTrade.

How can I enroll for fingerprint authentication?

Certain devices with built-in fingerprint scanners are eligible to enroll for fingerprint authentication. For Bio-Metric activation please login > Go to > Settings and enable fingerprint.

How is IMTrade different from dealing with a broker on the phone?

When using IMTrade Software you are in total control of your transaction. You can view real-time market activity. A single keystroke or click of a mouse executes a buy or sell order. Also when the order has been completed you will receive instant confirmation of your trade.

Do I have to trade regularly to keep my account activated?

Clients residing outside Pakistan can send an email detailing their query to us or by dialing IMTrade Helpline (00921-111-467-001, Extension: 501-4) from outside Pakistan.

How do I contact customer service if I reside outside Pakistan?

No, it is completely up to you how often you trade.


How can I open an account with Intermarket Securities?

You can open the trading account with Intermarket Securities in two different ways.

Digital Account Opening (
In-person Account Opening (Toll Free: 0800-46700)

How can I register for a demo account?

For demo account opening:

  1. Download IMTrade from the Google Play, Apple App Store.
  2. Open IMTrade App
  3. Tap on the Register Now button.
  4. Create a new Login ID and Password.
  5. Use your Login ID and Login Password to use IMTrade.

To register for a demo account you can also register via our website by clicking on the register now button. Once you create your User ID and password, you can login to the demo account.

What is the minimum amount required for opening an account?

The minimum amount required to set up an account is Rs.5,000.

Can I open an account with shares/securities?

Yes! You can open an account with physical shares and you can also transfer your shares from CDC investor account or your account with another broker as well. The minimum amount of Rs.2000/- is also required for opening of account through shares.

How can I deposit the initial amount in the Intermarket Securities account?

You may send your cheque / Pay order / DD in favor of ” Intermarket Securities Limited-Client Account” by mail or drop it personally at the offices of IMTrade or Intermarket Securities Ltd. You can transfer funds through IBTF in the Intermarket Securities account.

How can I get my trading password?

Once your account is opened, you will receive an email with the subject” Equity Trading Account Opened with Intermarket Securities” from containing your ID and Password. Once you have a login for the first time you will receive an automatically generated message to change your password.

How long does it take to activate/open an account?

It depends on how quickly your information is sent in. The registration process usually takes 2 to 3 working days if all the documentation is in order.

I already have a CDC Investor’s A/C, what is the procedure to transfer shares from my CDC Investor’s A/C to my IMTrade A/C?

If you wish to transfer your securities from your own CDC Investor Account to IMTrade Online Account, then you have to courier your transaction order to CDC or Intermarket Securities by yourself. Please fill in the detailed information as mentioned below on the transaction order book of CDC

Participant Name:
 Inter Market Securities Limited

Participant ID: 01339

CDC Sub Account No. : xxxxxxx (Your CDC Sub Account Number with IMS)

As soon as your shares are received, your IMTrade account will be updated.

You can also transfer your shares via


How long does it take to complete a normal order?

Normally, orders are placed and confirmed within two (02) seconds, but it is important to understand that the time to execute an order will vary depending upon market conditions, type of order being placed, order size, internet connection, etc.

Will I be assigned a trader?Will I be assigned a trader?

Yes, trader will be provided to each investor if he or she wishes so.

When will the withdrawn amount be available in my trading account?

The funds will be available as per T+2 rule (Transaction plus 2 days) after the funds withdrawal request. In the event of the delay please call 0800-46700 for further assistance.

How do I decide which stock to buy or sell?

Our team of experienced analyst publishes research with investment recommendations which you can read to reach investment decisions. You can also speak to your assigned trader for his/her recommendations.

Does a low share price indicate the share is cheap?

The share price is merely the total worth of the underlying company divided by the number of its issued shares. A low share price may be due to a large number of issued shares, and may or may not indicate whether the share is cheap. A comparison of various ratios such as Price to Earnings (P/E) or Price to Book (P/B) may be more useful in determining if a share is cheap or expensive.

Can I withdraw an amount from my account?

Yes. You can request payment for a minimum of Rs.5,000. However, you must maintain a balance of Rs.5,000 in your account at all times. You can generate a cash withdrawal on the IMTrade application or call us to place the request.

How do I get notified if orders to buy or sell shares have been executed?

Once the trade has been completed, you will receive confirmation via SMS or email. Orders placed through Phone/IVR will also be confirmed via email.

What is CDC?

The CDC stands for Central Depository Company of Pakistan. It maintains electronic custody of your shares.

Does Intermarket Securities accept physical shares? What is the procedure to convert physical shares into CDC shares?

Yes, physical shares are acceptable. The physical shares should be in the name of the Account Holder. You will deposit your physical shares along with verified transfer deeds and a covering letter at the Intermarket office. Intermarket will transfer these shares into CDC tradable shares through the Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited (CDC).

Can I trade in Futures?

Yes, you can trade in all active Futures shares.

What are cash dividends?

The company whose share you own may announce a cash dividend, which is a cash distribution to shareholders from available profits, and which you will receive in your bank account. Some companies declare a regular, quarterly or annual dividend. When the dividend is paid out, the share price will reduce by the per share dividend. 

What are bonus shares?

The company whose share you own may announce a stock dividend, also known as bonus shares. This is an issuance of additional shares that will be received by shareholders. The share price will adjust once the bonus has been paid out. For instance, if you own 100 shares of a share whose price is Rs.300 and a 20% bonus is paid out, then your shareholding will increase to 120 shares but the per share price will adjust to Rs.250 to leave the total value of your investment unchanged.


How much is the brokerage commission?

For shares worth between PKR 0 - 19.9999, 0.03 paisa per share commission will be charged.
For shares worth more than equal to PKR 20, 0.15% of the traded value will be charged as commission.

What is Capital Gains Tax (CGT)?

It is calculated based on the profit from dealing in shares, and collected by The National Clearing Company of Pakistan Limited (“NCCPL”). Currently, the rate of CGT is 12.5% for filers of income tax returns and 25% for non-filers of income tax returns. You can get all CGT-related information at or you can contact NCCPL Customer Support Helpdesk at 0800-23275.


How do I get to know my current margin maintenance?

Your current maintenance margin is shown in the Margin Report in the Available Margin column. Margin Report can be accessed from the Account Status menu of IMTrade software.

What is a Margin Call?

A margin call can be simply explained as a message sent to the client when his/her margin deposit falls below i.e. 30% of his exposure. Margin calls are sent to the client via email.

What is your margin requirement?

You must keep at least a 30% margin against your outstanding exposure for trading in your account. This margin may be kept in the form of 50% cash and 50% securities (at the reduced value).


IMS Research

What is IMS Research and its product line?

IMS Research is our team of market and industry experts, who can give you informed advice about which stocks to invest in and at what price to exit those stocks. It releases frequent research notes and also detailed reports on key events, economic data, company updates, and new stock ideas. These reports are our best guides to help you manage your investments.

These reports are available on the financial portal and are also sent to clients on their registered e-mail addresses.

As an investor, can I directly speak to a specific research analyst of any sector?

You may contact a sales person in the IMS team, who will help you get in touch with our Research team.

If I am not an account holder with intermarket securities, can I still access IMS Research?

Unfortunately, our Research services are only meant for our clients and IMS accountholders.


What is Research Portal? How can I benefit from it?

Intermarket Securities Research Portal is your personal research and analysis portal. . IMS promises to provide unmatched experience to its clients in order to ensure that they are always ahead of the market!

Your Analytics Portal has the following features:

Real time market data
Company & market fundamentals data
Company & index technical data
Technical charting
Market Views:
Index Overview
Sectors Overview
Market Map
Insider Transactions
Announcements data
Corporate earnings
Board meetings
Advanced Screening tool
IMS Research

How can I access the Research Portal as an existing client?

For existing clients, you can access our research portal before and after login the application.

How can I access the Research Portal as a new visitor?

New visitors can access IMS Research Portal after creating a demo account.