Customer Service


IMTrade is on a mission is to build quality relationships with our clients. We intend to expand our local network to become one of the largest retail platforms in Pakistan providing exceptional customer service through each of our customer interfaces.

Extremely Low Trading Costs and Fees/Leviesmarket condition

IMTrade offers one of the most competitive commission rates for trades. We have a unique pricing structure leading to the lowest execution costs for clients.

Innovative Trading Platform and Mobile Application

IMTrade uses a state of the art trading platform with a user friendly interface making navigation and order placement extremely simple. The IMTrade mobile application is available for Android and iOS users. The app supports trade execution and real time market statistics.

Trade Cast – Our Trading Terminal

We have best in class online trading platform “Trade Cast” which is powered by Catalyst.  This application is multi asset/multi exchange, application and web based online trading system.

The IMTrade Eco System

Our clients form part of our ecosystem. We encourage and support our clients to connect with our traders, analyze opinions and read the sentiment of our client based eco system generating unparalleled market intelligence.

Our ecosystem is also supported by one of the best sell-side research teams actively engaged in generating actionable ideas in quick time fashion as well as our comprehensive stock screening tools to generate investment options based on your investment parameters.