“Valuing a business is part art and part science”

Warren Buffet


We employ a team of highly qualified and experienced individuals, providing range of Investment Banking services to our clients. We have brought together some of the renowned names in the financial industry under one roof, who are actively involved in transactions. Our wide range of solutions allows us to cater clients as one stop solution for their corporate need.




Investment Banking Services

Corporate Restructuring

IMS helps assists its corporate clients in restructuring its balance sheet, which shows the net worth of a business, to remain competitive. Our restructuring team has in depth accounting knowledge alongside industry experience.


IMS is one of the few brokerage houses in the market providing underwriting services. IMS offers underwriting for Equity and Debt transactions.

Book Running for Book Building

IMS provides end to end transaction solutions including book running through book building. We are one of very few Book runners in the Pakistan’s market with wide network of Institutional investors and high net worth individuals.

Mergers and Acquisition

The Investment Banking team at IMS has experience of various mergers and acquisition transactions. Our team structure mergers and acquisitions advice and services to clients on some of their most complex strategic decisions and transactions. The team devises and executes innovative, customized solutions to clients' most challenging issues in transactions including acquisitions, Buyside & sell side advisory, divestment, mergers, corporate restructurings and leveraged buyouts.

Equity Advisory, Arrangement & Right Issue

Our team is well renowned for Equity Advisory & Arrangement in Pakistan’s capital markets. The benefit of our sponsor resource pool and extensive market contacts places us at an advantage in offering and placing new listings unique in size and structure.

We provide range of equity services including but not limited to Initial Public offerings (IPOs), Secondary Public offerings and right issue of shares.

We are currently working with diversified sectors including telecommunications, Insurance and energy, to name a few.

Private Equity

IMS Investment Banking also looks after potential private equity deals. Our network of international relationships coupled with our extensive domestic client base places us in a unique position to execute private equity deals.

Debt Advisory

Our Investment Banking team extends its expertise to execute debt syndication and by selective placements of corporate debt instruments. Our team has experience in arranging institutional debt via Term Finance Certificates and syndication.

Selected Transactions