At IMS, we advise and we initiate, trade & execute, institutions and individuals, and do so with excellence.

IMS sales desk ranks amongst the top in the industry and offers equity execution to local as well as international clients. Our clients include mutual funds, investment advisors, banks, pension funds, insurance companies and other financial institutions. We currently have a market share of approximately 4.5-5.0%. Our equity sales people possess thorough knowledge of research, offerings, and services, and have a clear understanding of the investment style and needs of each client. Based on this knowledge and understanding, we are able to identify opportunities for clients seeking to improve their investment returns.

On our domestic front, we currently have 5 sales persons in Institutional Sales and 2 Dealers for execution while on the International front we have 2 Sales persons and 1 Dealer for execution. On the retail front we currently have 23 Dealers which cater to 3,000+ retail clients through our branch offices. Our sales traders provide constant and timely color on market moves and news flow which impact price action. IMS’ sales traders act as the "eyes and ears" of their clients in the equity marketplace by identifying trends in the marketplace and providing market color to clients. Our sales traders work with clients in order to obtain the best and most effective execution for their orders. We ensure best execution through our utmost emphasis on compliance, order security and the highest ethical standards.

IMS provides non-conflicting services to our client base of institutional investors. Research, sales and trading operate independently of the corporate finance group and are not influenced by proprietary trading, corporate-finance requirements or management interference.

Providing the buy-side with anonymous execution and crossing at levels when the opportunity arises, the desk is truly unique. We provide an edge in small- to mid- caps, where on-market liquidity is often lacking. To minimize information leakage and impact on the price while achieving maximum results, IMS ensures trading clients keep complete control of the process from inception to completion.